Open Positions at Gausman & Moore

Gausman & Moore is always looking for highly skilled and motivated people to work in each of our offices. See below to view our available positions. We have offices in Duluth and Roseville, MN and Santa Clarita, CA and are always looking for new talent. If you don't see an opening for a position or location that interests you, please feel free to submit your resume!

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Working with Gausman & Moore

Gausman & Moore believes in sustaining long-term relationships with its employees, as well as clients. Giving people the opportunity to expand their skills and become leaders is strongly encouraged. For example, individuals have achieved numerous professional credentials during their career at Gausman & Moore. This includes becoming the following:

  • LEED Accredited Professional
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
  • Fire Protection Engineer
  • Building Energy Modeling Professional (BEMP)
  • Qualified Commissioning Process Provider (QCxP)
  • Certified Healthcare Constructor (CHC)

Along with professional credentials, Gausman & Moore believes in engagement within the local and professional community. Our staff members are actively involved with local Chambers of Commerce, Rotary Club, ACEC, USGBC, ASHE, and ASHRAE.

Leadership Training

Ownership and Leadership are tied together. A shareholder is easily recognized internally and externally as a leader based on their character, actions and performance. By investing in Gausman & Moore and helping the company be successful with your time, energy, ideas and expertise, Gausman & Moore will return that investment by providing a training program to develop new company leaders.

Training modules are being developed within the company to help train potential leaders. Topics include finance, client relationships, marketing, personnel, and mission/vision/values. The goal of the nine-month program is to develop and reward individuals who are consistently exhibiting a commitment to the company that rises above and beyond the standard 40-hour work week.

Key elements of the program include the following:

  • Investing in Gausman & Moore: Contributing time, energy, ideas and expertise
  • Self-Evaluation: Character/ethics, resilience, empathy, self-improvement
  • Demonstrating Leadership: How we act, how we communicate, decisions we make both within Gausman & Moore and throughout the professional community
  • Assessing Communication Skills: Interacting with clients and fellow professionals with the purpose of bringing in business and recruiting staff; interacting with staff
  • Day-to-Day Activities: Your ability to attract work, retain coworkers, and contribute to the bottom line

Gausman & Moore is committed to helping staff to advance their careers. We understand that this growth benefits both the individual and G&M.

Advancement of Technical Skills, Project Management & Credentials

Department heads work with staff to determine what technical skills and training are needed or desired by their staff. Continuing education is important for earning and maintaining professional credentials. Gaining additional professional credentials benefits both staff and G&M and so is encouraged and supported. Mentoring by senior level staff provides the best training and is included in the expectation in the Roles, Responsibilities, and Expectations of senior level staff. Technical and Management updates are discussed at monthly department meetings. Lunch and Learns and webinars provide training and CEUs. Some additional trainings include: PSMJ Project Managers Bootcamp, Attending local and national professional association conferences such as ASHRAE, ASHE, USGBC.

Leadership Training through Community Involvement

G&M encourages and supports involvement in professional associations and community service organizations as part of being a good corporate citizen in the communities and profession we work in. We also recognize that these organizations provide the opportunity to learn leadership skills outside of the workplace. In Duluth staff is engaged in the Chamber of Commerce, Arrowhead Chapter of Minnesota HealthCare Engineers, USGBC NE Chapter (Chairperson), Skyline Rotary Club, and Twig Hockey Association. Company-wide G&M has had six Presidents of ACEC-MN, more than any other company.

Additional Leadership Training

Recently emerging leaders have attended a local six month session training titled “Effective Management.” G&M shareholders have attended multi-day PSMJ A/E/C Emerging Leaders Workshop and Principals Bootcamp.

Emerging Leaders Training

Purpose is to train future leaders in business management practices and to fulfill the Role, Responsibilities, and Expectations for Senior Leadership. Trainers for the Modules will include a mix of in-house staff, professional outside trainers, and webinars.

Leadership Curriculum

  • Section 1: Program Overview and the Basics of Leadership and Business Ownership
  • Section 2: Professional Development - Self Improvement
  • Section 3: Ownership and Leadership
  • Section 4: Business Management
  • Section 5: HR and Accounting
  • Section 6: Business Development
  • Section 7: Leadership Development

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