Software Innovation

Software Innovation

Our Mechanical Productivity Pack is a truly revolutionary custom-made software solution. Get ready to experience an entirely new paradigm in project design and document production.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice designer or a seasoned veteran in Revit - our Mechanical Productivity Pack (MPP) will help to increase productivity for any MEP firm working in Revit.

Eight Key Features in the MPP

  • Views include Project Set Up, Working, Construction Documentation, Coordination/Analysis

  • 50 View Templates for all view types, including schedules and 100 predefined View Filters

  • Workset filter that shows when elements are mistakenly placed on the wrong workset

  • 43 unique duct and pipe systems with 20 improved and additional duct and pipe types
  • Grouped Families providing a significant reduction in modeling time for plumbing layouts

  • Extensive library of common configurations

  • Plumbing Fixtures are fully customizable and have been set up to match actual installation

  • Vent flow propagation & Fixture Unit calculation
  • Over 500 Mechanical Families based on manufacturer specific content

  • Updated out of box content

  • All family content is fully integrated with extensive schedules & tags
  • Cross system connections for Sanitary Sewer & Vent systems

  • Family content created to propagate CFH in gas piping systems, area in storm piping systems, airflow in airside systems, waterflow in hydronic systems and fixture units in sewer, vent and domestic water systems

  • Cohesive and consistent flow propagation now available across the entire M&P platform
  • Over 130 unique schedules that share consistent formatting and shared parameters

  • Design, Assist and Coordination schedules such as: Gas Load Summary, Motor Coordination, ASHRAE 62.1 Ventilation Calculations and Space Airflow

  • Master schedule for easy creation of additional unique equipment or fixture schedules

  • Complete Excel listing of all schedules and all shared parameters

  • Over 225 mechanical details with all Revit linework and annotations
  • Over 1450 shared parameters all following Autodesk recommended naming conventions and proper data types

  • Includes Autodesk Seek industry standard shared parameters
  • Take advantage of CTC's full suite of tools for end users

  • Includes Parameter Jammer to help end users schedule downloaded content

Why Do You Need the MPP?

There are many reasons that you’ll find the MPP to be a great tool for your projects. The MPP addresses many common issues that designers grapple with, offering elegant, money-saving solutions.

  • Out of box Mechanical & Plumbing content does not inherently propagate flow or include all of the system components

  • Revit does not enter values based on calculations or formulas

  • Lack of intelligent tags requires team members to consistently enter information

  • System information is not easily shared amongst disciplines
  • Model setup has been simplified and optimized

  • Pre-configured assemblies and content with defined parameters

  • Out of box content has been enhanced to include settings and shared parameters to propagate flow

  • The MPP has been designed to work with manufacturer content and existing families

  • Schedules, Families and Tags have been developed to use consistent shared parameters so information can be edited throughout the model with consistent results
  • Significant time reduction in model setup

  • Benefit from an established standard that can be deployed company wide

  • Intelligent content avoids duplication efforts as well as costs associated with errors and omissions from fixing non-consistent information across construction documents

  • Streamlined workflows for using any future family from a manufacturer

  • Schedules & Shared Parameter sets created with connector settings defined for future family development

  • Configuration files provided for Revit Family Processor

Contact Gausman & Moore today to get started on your custom MPP software. Our engineering and software experts will make sure the entire process is seamless and painless.

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